Fundraising for Startups and what digital securities have to do with it.

10/23/19, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CEST)
STARTPLATZ Düsseldorf, Speditionstr. 15a, 40221 Düsseldorf

Fundraising is a topic that practically no startup can avoid. No matter in which industry, startups have to deal with the topic. There are many different forms of fundraising, all with different advantages and disadvantages depending on the business model. Besides the classic fundraising via venture capital and business angels, crowdfunding has also become more and more popular in recent years. With the increasing interest in blockchain technologies, the financing of startups via digital securities is now coming. To shed some light on this, we outline the possibilities of financing startups and look at current trends. We are looking forward to a lively exchange with the participants. The session should not be a frontal lecture, but an interesting discussion.